Friday, June 27, 2008

Add the MONEY Generator into your blog!

Almost every blogger has got their blog inserted with advertisements. This is of course, to generate an extra income for themselves. This type of fortune, is coming from the advertiser to promote their service nor product to whoever come across the blog.

To add ads on your blog, first you have to identify which type of ads suitable to be put on your wonderful blog. The ads suppose to suits your blog type, what you blog about, and what are you trying to sell to the customer. It is not false to put ads that is not relevant to your blog content, however, putting the ads that suits your content and relevant much on your blog will be more effective to attract the potential customer and make them easy on searching your blog, understand your blog well. Come to think of it when someone read what your blog comment about and decided to give it a try, then he/she found the ads just sit at the sidebar you customize for the ads product, it save them lots of time to find the product over the internet instead they click the ads link of yours, then the penny is coming to you! ^_^

You need to choose properly the size of the ads and the position to behold the ads. This is very important because the type of ads size and position you put will affects the income generated for you. Advertiser judge the importance of their ads by these two factors; the most accurate position their ads placed on, maybe the higher pay for you. Therefore, choose carefully, or maybe, put the ads carefully into your blog coding, as a single mistake on the coding might fail your blog from functioning correctly.

Other than that, the things left for you to do is to do your blog properly and drive a great amount of traffic into your blog. Traffic is very important for generating income for you! Beware~ since [[ "more traffic" = "more popularity" = "more chances for ads to expose" = "more income" ]]

Here are some of the popular advertisers on blogger community i placed on every corner on this article, try it out and start generate money!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Widgets to enhance your blog.

If you can notice, when we visit some of the blog, there are several gadgets or small tools hangs on the side of the page. It can either count the time for you, display you the pretty calender, photo gallery, and even keep you update with the current weather of a certain area. Well, all these tools are called as blog widget.

Every blog widget got their own functions, as i've mentioned above, blog widget now has evolved into more sophisticated widget and can provide various function for all users. You can keep a virtual pet over your blog, count the traffic of your blog, make a place to chat with your fellow readers, and so on. Well you'll wonder why putting lots of widget on the blog and how it works? So here i try do some explanation with you.

What type of widget is useful for your blog, you wonder. Commonly people will put chat box on their page, as this will allow all readers chat easily with the blogger and leave comments. Although we can leave comments of the post itself, however, the comments is limited for users who has blogger account, by default; or the blogger will need to edit the setting of the blog page to allow anonymous comments from anonymous.. Second, stat counter is needed for blogger who wants to shows all readers their current traffic and popularity. Apart from that, you can also put a time clock or a calendar on your blog to make your blog well decorated, as clock and calender shows all users visited your page the time nice and easy. ^_^

As my objective to teach you to monetize your blog, most vital for you is to include advertisements along with your widget. As ads can be easily integrated into your html coding, you can insert the ads in sidebar, title, leaderboard, and other position, as long as you are good at handling the html code.

If you're feeling interested with any widget i've mentioned with you and feel like want one, try click on the link i've added on the word. However, there are much more widget that are same function with the one i recommended to you, so do try out and find more cool widget and share it later with egg86 ok? That's it, there are more lots of widget out there over the internet, and more and more type of widget are on their way coming out. Therefore, you need to fully explore and present your creativity towards your audiences as this is one of the effective method to monetize your creativity. Don't forget to keep your widget updated, for attractive side widget can help you attracts lots of traffic and audiences. ^_^

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Starting of your blog now!

To all my folks, an apologize is directed to you all because having to wait me egg86 for this long of the second post in this blog. Bringing some news to you lots, soon egg-discovering (my main blog) and egg-monetizing on Blogspot will be turning into a brand new view and be added into some new features, especially on egg-discovering. The refurnish of blog meanings a new impression for my beloved readers. Hoping this will realized soon, knowing that keep studying and blogging both in my hand is quite difficult. However egg86 will try the best to make it happen sooner. What took me into this determination? I'll say because there are several bloggers gave me comments, encourages, and compliments on doubled my blog work to bring new information to every users. Here i thank their compliments and will try do harder on my content to make it more interesting. Wishing more readers to give me support! ^_^

This blog i will be talking about creating a new blog, as this is a most fundamental thing to do if you're trying to become a blogger. Although this blog might seems less attractive to those professional bloggers, but i do hope they all give me some comments on the matter i've discuss here.

As most of the people know, to blog, we got Blogger Blogspot, Livespace, Facebook; not to forget the Xanga and WordPress. All the blog i've mentioned is consider very popular amongst blog users and distributed in here. However, if any new users who think to create some different kind of blog and feeling towards their targeted audiences, i've got some other Blog to recommended to you in my list, so take your time and try to surf over these blog provider to choose the most suitable blog for you ok?

To begin with, Multiply. Multiply is a kind of blog which be consider quite popular too, it offers lots of features which majority blog space provides too such as uploading photo, video, musics, and lots. most importantly it offers a features which called Blog Cross-Posting; that is, it automatically post the blog you posted on Multiply to other Blog host such as LiveJournal, Blogger or TypePad. This is consider quite convenient for multi-blog users because you will no need to manage so much of blog as Multiply will straight help you to do the content. The main thing you need to do is to manage or enhance your blog page to be more user-friendly. Ya! That's all! Last but not least, you can too blogging from your mobile phone, access your blog from anywhere, anytime!

Then i introduce you Flickr. As Flickr gained more popularity nowadays, it offers lots of features to compete with other blog host. It uses the slogan, "Share your photos. Watch the world.", which most people can guess of the main features of this blog host. To be precise, it act as a PhotoBlog. Its users can upload all videos or photos taken by cell phone or digital camera, and share all their contents with anyone they like. Comments are welcome on their contents as well. Flickr offers the most convenient user interface for all its fellow bloggers to manage well their photo with more efficiency! Therefore if anyone is looking for a such blog or their photo and video posting, then i recommend Flickr.

Yahoo! 360, which offers by Yahoo! itself. Although it is still in Beta state, however, the potential on this blog host is consider quite large if you see in all Yahoo! users. The requirement of the Yahoo! 360 is that the user must be first own their email account on Yahoo! before they can create a blog in Yahoo! 360. This is similar to their biggest rival, Google, which require blogger to own a gmail account before they can start posting there.

Opera, which is one of the popular internet browser, too hosting their own blog space. My Opera giving nothing less from majority blog host, provides same features towards their users as these features are the most popular and most needed by bloggers.

There are still more blog host which is decent for every bloggers despite of pro-blogger or amateur blogger, due to limited time of mine, therefore i paste all blog host link at below and let you to decide which blog host you are interest in. Hoping you who are new to blog community, can choose your favourite blog host and start posting your voice and feels to share with everyone! You can moneti$e your Creativity very easily, but before that, make sure you created a popular blog and able to share everything you like with your readers. Cheers!

Blogger Blog Drive Blogsome

Clearblogs Diaryland Facebook

Flickr Fotolog Fotopages

LiveJournal Multiply MyOpera

MySpaceblog TypePad WindowsLiveSpace

WordPress Xanga Yahoo!360

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Continuing the passion for Monetizing blogs..

Hi folks, this is egg86 here. The start of new blog meanings that, a brand new area to be discovered by me. For sure, there are many places and methods to generate money or income from. For instance, internet blogging can bring much fortune to anyone who knows to fully utilize it, especially blogging. Therefore now i'm taking this chance to building up another blog of mine, which will mainly focus on topics related to monetizing our blog, in addition, bring more news and tips for my audience. Keeping folks update with latest hot topic. To change your view and opinion which, you can also monetize your creativity for a better price.